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Artist Workshops and Residencies





2019   Columbia Arts Center, Hood River, Or. wood boats, airplanes & robots.

2019   Mosier School, Mosier, Wa. Wood bird houses & foot stools.

2018   Portland Art Museum, Members Party, Cars & Trucks, Portland, OR.

2017   Prime Time, West Side Elementary, Hood River, Or, wood boats & airplanes.

2017   Prime Time, May Street Elementary, Hood River, Or, wood boats & airplanes.

2017   West Side Elementary, Hood River, Or, Cardboard houses and landscapes.

2016   Wy’East Middle School, Avid Program, Odell, Oregon, Public sculpture.

2016   Mid Valley Elementary School, Odell, Oregon. Masks and Heads.

2016   Mid Valley Elementary summer school, wood airplanes, cars, trucks, boats.

2015   May Street Elementary, Hood River, Or, Masks and Heads.

2001   American School in England, Surry, Architecture, Drawing, Masks, Sports.

1994   Pacific Arts Center, Seattle, WA, Summer camp, Disguises, Tales of Nature.

1994   Allied Arts of Richland, WA, Boats, Creatures, Masks.

1992   Kapka Cooperatives School, Seattle, WA,  Figures and Heads.

1992   Country Day School, Seattle, WA, Figures and Heads.

1983   Experimental College, Seattle, WA, The selling and Promotion of the Artist.





    I have been doing one day and one week to four-week summer school classes along with a career of teaching in international schools (K-12) for over 20 years. I try to include an exhibition of the subjects that I work with from professional artists and student work that I have collected. I really enjoy working with students on masks, figures, houses, and head projects. Recently I returned to wood airplanes, cars, trucks, boats and houses with landscape design. In the summer of 2018 I taught a workshop with 7 body styles of cars & trucks for the members of the Portland Art museum for two days. I can work with students and adults with these projects.

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